Caring For Your Sapphire

In addition to their beauty, sapphires have attributes that make them an excellent gemstone for jewelry. Sapphires are very durable, which means they are tough, hard, and are not easily chipped, scratched, or affected by abrasion. Sapphires are ideal as engagement rings and are suitable for nearly all styles of jewelry, as they stand up to daily wear.

Cleaning your Australian Sapphire at home. 

Sapphires are easy to care for at home:

  • Sapphires can be cleaned at home with warm water and a splash of any type of dish or cleaning detergent that has de-greasing ability.aussie sapphire ring
  • Avoid using anything that has moisturizers, bleach, abrasives or anti-static agents, as they will leave a residue and could scratch the metal.
  • Scrub the jewelry gently with a soft toothbrush and rinse well. Pay particular attention to the reverse of the setting and around the prongs where grime can accumulate.
  • For deeper cleaning, allow the piece to soak for 10 to 20 minutes, and then follow the remaining steps of the above procedure.
  • You can also use any cleaner that is specifically designed for use with jewelry.

Making sapphires in white gold shine:

Sapphires are often set in white gold. White gold is made up from a mix of yellow gold and other white metals – and is actually a dull, pale yellow color.  Most people are unaware that jewelry made from white gold is always plated with rhodium – a shiny white metal – to make it “ white”.  After frequent wear this plating can wear off and the jewelry becomes dull.  To make a piece of white gold jewelry shine like new, it its recommended that you have it re-plated every couple of years. Most jewelers can do this job, and it is relatively inexpensive.