About us

Welcome to Richland Gemstones.Our specialty is exceptional tanzanite gemstones ; both loose and set in fine jewelry,  and natural yellow, green and multi colored Australian sapphires. We offer you exclusive access to fine quality,  responsibly sourced gemstones.

We own our own Sapphire Mine

Richland owns the Capricorn Sapphire mine in Central Queensland, Australia. This mine specializes in exquisite natural yellow, green, and multi-colored Australian sapphires. We mine thousands of carats of sapphires every year, but only sell them as rough, unprocessed gemstones to wholesale customers. Our large and special stones are not available directly to the public anywhere else in the world – except through this website.

Discover our sapphire mine

Richland are the tanzanite gemstone experts

For over a decade, Richland Resources owned the world’s largest and most scientifically advanced tanzanite mine – called TanzaniteOne. Today our relationship continues with TanzaniteOne, and as a result we can access some of the finest tanzanite gemstones in the world.  Our team’s unsurpassed expertise of the gem and inside knowledge of the mining area means we can cherry pick the very best quality stones, and guarantee their origin and authenticity for complete peace of mind.

The source of our tanzanite

Our Commitment To You

Expert Advice

When you buy from us, you are guided by our resident Gemological Institute Of America trained gemologist. Linda will help you make a more informed choice, ask the right questions, and make a smart decision. Email our Gemologist

Gemological Certification

The tanzanite and sapphires in our collection are all high quality colored gemstones. We prove this by including a gemological certificate for all loose stones, certified by Gemological Institute of America trained Gemologists. Learn more…


Shipping to any global location usually takes between 4 – 8 days internationally and is provided fully insured, free of charge. We ship with Fedex, and all shipments are tracked. Orders are shipped within 48 working hours of being placed. Learn more …

Exceptional Tanzanite gemstones for collectors and investors

Richland Gemstones specialize in sourcing premium investment tanzanite gemstones and jewels for collectors and investors. Learn More…

Information About Our Company

Richland Gemstones parent company, Richland Resources Ltd, is listed on the (AIM) of the London Stock Exchange (RLD). We are one of only two listed gemstone companies in the UK.  Frequent auditing and public overview of our operations can provide you with the peace of mind that we conduct business in a conscientious and ethical manner at all times.

Our dispatch center

The remote locations of our sapphire mine in Northern Queensland, and the tanzanite mining area of Tanzania, does not allow for rapid and secure international delivery. Our gemstones and jewelry are shipped worldwide using Fedex from our international distribution center located in Hong Kong. Customers may visit our office in Hong Kong by appointment only.


Use our contact form or email us at [email protected], and we will respond promptly.