Sapphire Clarity


A sapphire which is graded as "Severely Included" with easily visible internal cracks.

A sapphire which is graded as “Severely Included” with easily visible internal cracks.

“Clarity” means the number and extent of inclusions contained in a sapphire: any natural cracks, features, or flaws.

Inclusions give each gemstone a unique character, and tell the story of the gemstone’s formation.

It is highly unlikely to find sapphires without any inclusions, or imperfections, at all. If there are no inclusions, gemologists will suspect the sapphire to be fake or treated.  All sapphires will have rutile needles or “silk”, and are more than likely to also have small crystals, or other organic inclusions created during formation. Having said that, in a fine quality sapphire there should be no distractedly obvious inclusions when looking directly through the top of the gemstone with the naked eye.

The GIA Colored Stone Clarity Grading Scale

Richland’s Gemologist grades our loose sapphire gemstones using the Gemological Institute of America’s Colored Stone Grading Scale.

Clarity in sapphires is viewed in a much different way than it is with diamonds. Whereas with diamonds, gemologists use 10x magnification to inspect the diamond’s inclusions, while with colored gemstones, we are only concerned with non-magnified careful examination. In other words, we are looking to see if the stone is “eye-clean” to the naked eye. The fewer the inclusions, the higher the price tag- all other factors being comparable.