Gemstone Certification

Certification lies at the heart of a buyer’s confidence in any gemstone.

gemstone certification All Richland’s loose tanzanite and sapphire gemstones are supplied with a full gemological report, which confirms the characteristics and qualities of your gemstone, including not only its color, clarity, weight and dimensions, but also its country of origin and the presence, if any, of artificial treatments used to enhance the appearance of the gem.

Richland’s gemological reports are completed by a Gemological Institute of America trained Gemologist.

Richland also provides a guarantee of origin – not just of the country, but which actual mine where our gemstones were mined.  This confirmation of origin provides peace of mind that the gemstones are responsibly sourced – and their mining has not supported conflict, child labor, or any other unethical practices.

See A Richland Sapphire Gemological Report

See A Richland Tanzanite Gemological Report

Learn About GIA Tanzanite Reports


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