The Source of our Tanzanite


Merelani, Tanzania. Richland’s tanzanite is mined by TanzaniteOne Mining, in Tanzania, East Africa. TanzaniteOne is the world’s largest, scientifically advanced, and developed tanzanite mine.

MINING METHODS at TanzaniteOne

TanzaniteOne mine is the deepest purely gemstone mine in the world. Current ‘down-shaft’ depths are up to 900 meters. Underground tunneling is hot and dirty work, but a world-class infrastructure has been put in place to secure the shafts, provide air supply/ventilation, watering and de-watering.

Responsibly mined

TanzaniteOne have a team of experts who understand the unique geology of the deposit. This knowledge, combined with modern technology, means that TanzaniteOne can significantly reduce the impact of mining on the environment.

All tanzanite mined at TanzaniteOne is responsibly mined and conflict free. Tanzanite is obtained following established labor laws and without the use of child labor.



The deeper the color, the rarer the tanzanite. Larger stones are often darker, smaller ones favor pastel shades. While some natural violet blue tanzanite is recovered at current depths – heated by the earth to a blue – violet colour , most raw tanzanite is an earthy brown color that is heated to enhance its color. This quick, low-temperature, permanent and stable process helps produces the rich violet blue shades for which tanzanite is known is universally accepted. Scientists are unable to discern if a tanzanite has been heated “ naturally” underground or above ground.


Richland’s – Tanzanite Mining Experts

Richland developed and operated TanzaniteOne Mining Ltd, from August 2004 until March 2015.
During this time we produced an estimated 60% of the world’s tanzanite.

Richlands also invested in local community projects as constructing schools, a medical clinic, and community center; providing supplies and lunches to area schools, training classes, and pumping fresh water to the local community through our non-profit arm, the Tanzanite Foundation.


Richlands provided scholarships, stationary and rebuilt classrooms at schools close to the tanzanite mining area.

Step 1:
Mined in Tanzania At
TanzaniteOne Mining Ltd

All of Richland’s tanzanite is mined by TanzaniteOne Mining, in Tanzania, East Africa.

Step 2:
Sorting & Cobbing

The rough tanzanite crystals are sent to the sort house, where workers chip the host rock from the rough crystals, and sort the rough stones into color and size grades.

Step 3:
Polished in Tanzania

TanzaniteOne’s onsite polishing facility produces polished tanzanite, to showcase its superb color and beauty. It is illegal to export polished tanzanite from Tanzania over 1 gramme.

Step 4:
Selection by
Richlands Gemmologist

Richlands Gemologist Linda Kennedy personally selects each tanzanite from amongst hundreds for its beauty and quality.